Since the founding of Habbolando, we regularly organise events and distribute coins/furniture as prizes. These winnings are financed by ourselves or raised through donations.

Donations to Habbolando

If you have decided to donate some of your coins or furniture to us, send the administrator mathys at or rudolfthesu at a private message at Habbo Hotel. He will send you all further information. Please note that we only accept donations on a final basis and with no strings attached - we cannot be bribed.

So that furniture does not get dusty

At some point, the time comes for many Habbos when they want to leave Habbo Hotel or have lost interest in it. Since they have always found Habbolando to be a reliable companion during their Habbo time, many Habbos decided to donate some furniture and coins to Habbolando - so that they do not collect dust pointlessly in storage.

Guaranteed 100% for profits

We guarantee that your donations will be fully returned to the community in the form of winnings. The Habbolando team, including the administrators, do not receive a salary with these donations. The salary is still financed by the administration itself! The donations will also not be used for room construction.

Thank you for the support

We would like to thank everyone who supports Habbolando through donations. Each of them gets an icon on Habbolando as a sign of our gratitude and can thus show their support on Habbolando. You will find a list of all supporters on the right side.

So that your donation arrives safely

Unfortunately, there are also fraudsters in the Habbo Hotel. To ensure that your donation arrives safely at Habbolando, only give your donations to mathys at or rudolfthesu at
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