What are packages?

Packages are a currency that can be used for rewards. You can get them for various activities on Habbolando and in the Habbo Hotel. With Habbolando packages you can buy furniture in the German- & Turkish-speaking hotel, fonts, avatars and icons and design!

How do I collect parcels?

  • per creation of a meaningful thread (2 packages)
  • per meaningful entry in the forum/news (1 package)
  • Participation in the „Gift Day“ (different)
  • Participation in the „Guess the Film Scene“ competition (different)
  • Participation in the „Guess the furni“ competition (different)

  • In the games, the number of packages that are played per round can vary. However, the points listed above are indicative. There are also packages for various irregular competitions on Habbolando and in the Habbo Hotel. You will be informed in the respective news.